Gartner, the world's leading information technology research and advisory company, conducts an annual survey of CIOs to determine their priorities for the coming year. 

For 2016, that survey included 2,944 CIOs from across 84 countries. Together they represent approximately $11 trillion in revenue / public-sector budgets and $250 billion in IT spending.

But knowing the priorities isn’t enough. When it comes to building an IT strategy, CIOs need to know the hazards they face and how to approach them strategically. That’s why we’ve put together a strategic summary eBook. In this eBook, we go into each of the Top 10 priorities and give you a strategic starting place for implementing them.

Download the Top 10 CIO Priorities Summary eBook

1. Business Intelligence & Analytics

2. Cloud Computing

3. Mobile

4. Digitization & Digital Marketing

5. Infrastructure and Data Center

6. Enterprise Resource Planning

7. Security

8. Industry Specific Applications

9. Customer Relationship Management

10. Networking, Voice, & Data           Communications